Monaco Initital Coin Offering (ICO)


What is Monaco Visa?

Basically what will do, is enable consumers to spend Bitcoin and Ethereum with a physical visa card. If this plan gains wider adoption, it could potentially be huge.

You can top-up your card with BTC/ETH and soon other ERC20 tokens. When you swipe the card, we convert an increment of your BTC/ETH/ERC20 tokens on the fly, just enough to settle the VISA® transaction. The rest sits securely in your wallet, potentially appreciating in value.

Monaco Token Sale

Monaco is organizing their initial coin offering (ICO) token sale, so for people that believe in their concept, this would be an ideal opportunity to become an early adopter and buy some tokens before it goes live.

No more markups or fees

Every time you spend with Monaco VISA® Card, you will be given perfect interbank exchange rates without markups or fees. You’ll never have to worry about exchange rates again, always getting the best deal physically possible.

Earn up to 10% Instant Cashback As You Spend

Monaco Card holders will be entitled to up to 10% Cashback Reward when spending at participating merchants. The Cashback will be settled instantly after a succesful transaction by crediting our native currency MCO to your app wallet. You will be able to trade MCO on multiple exchanges and easily convert it to BTC, ETC or fiat currencies.

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