Ripple expanding to six new platforms

The battle for second and third place keeps on going between Ripple and Ethereum. The possibility to trade Ripple has been extended to even more exchanges. Ripple has just listed itself on six new platforms. The announcement of the expansion was done recently. With Ripple recently expanding to Korea’s COINONE, they currently can also be exchanged on:

1. Bitso
2. Bitbank
3. Bitgo
4. Alphapoint
5. BuyBitcoin

On top of that, Avatrade is the first online Forex broker to offer the possibility to trade in several cryptocurrencies. Amongst which, Ripple along with the other favourites, Dash and Ethereum. In itself a very positive development.

It all starts with trust…. and a lockup

It definitely seems that Ripple Labs wants to make it easier for more people to partake in the Ripple community. More announcements are sure to be made at the Consensus conference, starting tomorrow. Besides the possibility to trade on a more diverse range of platforms, it seems that the creators of Ripple also have had the intention to instil a sense of trust and calm is the community by locking up 55 Billion Ripple, to be released over a 54 month period of Escrow instalments. It’s very likely more earth shattering statements will be made at tomorrow’s conference. By an abundance of CEO’s, CFO’s and other three letter abbreviations in high places. In the meantime, happy gaining!


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